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For thousands of years, Golem Mages ruled the volcanic mountain ranges of Ingleheim, but when Herrscher Heinrich declared himself Führer, he took measures to ensure he would be the last with the power to bend golems to his will.

Twenty years later, his regime uncovers the resting place of an Alpha Golem with the power to burn the life force out of anyone caught in its destructive gaze. Katja, a passionate Golem Expert, is tasked to help bring the Alpha under the Führer’s control. She is determined to keep it out of his murderous hands and has no choice but to team up with a nameless and faceless soldier, trained in the efficiently ruthless discipline of Steinkamp. A word synonymous with death.

The pair challenge immense power, but their most trying task is learning how to trust in a world where everyone is afraid of you—or wants to kill you.

"​A gripping tale of intrigue, with a fresh new take on a magical world."

- Booklist, Starred Review

Winner of the 2018 IPPY silver medal for Best SciFi/Fantasy/Horror


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what readers are saying . . .

"This is great epic fantasy. Really, really, epic! Barron is one of the most talented story crafters I have come across is a long time, on par with some of my favorites like Steven Erikson and George R.R. Martin."

- Goodreads Reviewer


"This is a great first book from a new author. I really enjoyed the world building, the characters are very interesting, and more than a few scenes blew me away. "

- Reviewer


"It would take a bomb to make you put it down."

- Reviewer


"This was so refreshing to read - K.E. Barron immersed me in another world and I could only get out once I finished the book. Worth the read."

- Goodreads Reviewer


"Very unique fantasy and military setting. The aesthetic was right up my alley and I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this book. Can't recommend it enough."

- Goodreads Reviewer

" my top ten for best stories. Everything is on beat, exciting, unpredictable, and keeps the pace high and exciting. And the character development is right on point."

- Goodreads Reviewer


"One of my favourite books read in 2018. KE Barron’s take with golems being the primary element was refreshingly unique and a lot of fun to read. Her strong female protagonist will also resonate with a lot of female readers and, combined with the intriguing cast of character cast and the well described world, makes it a great overall read. Highly recommend giving it a shot."

- Reviewer

"It's the very essence of a "pageturner". For a book about golems I almost preferred the parts of the story where the golems took a back seat to the characters and subterfuge. K.E. Barron can understand what classic elements a good story needs while still delivering with something that just feels... unique and natural. Not a trope or cliche. It's hard to tell who is actually the most important character in this novel, and to me that's the sign of a great book."

- Reviewer

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K.E. Barron wanted to be a writer her entire life, but she chose to be an accountant instead. Now she divides her time between writing books and balancing them. She grew up in Fernie, British Columbia and now lives in Red Deer, Alberta, working as a financial analyst and writing fantasy books in her spare time. Her interests are vast and varied, ranging from the aesthetics of eighteenth-and nineteenth-century period pieces to the scholarly realms of evolutionary psychology, anthropology, economics, and religion. These eclectic inspirations are all part of the magic and cultural realism of her fantasy novels.

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