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If, like me, you enjoy visiting cleverly written science fiction worlds, The Beginning & End of All Things has you covered. This collection of stories, which is both entertaining and thought provoking, provides a wonderful sampling of compelling sci-fi narratives.

— INDIES TODAY                         

While most anthologies, regardless of genre, are hit-and-miss, THE BEGINNING & END OF ALL THINGS is mostly hits--wondrous stories with relatable characters that explore the far reaches of space and the limits of technology.

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The Beginning and End of All Things provides eleven tales that mystify and entertain. . . . The stories within are an eclectic bunch provoking thought as well as providing chills and the occasional laugh.

— San Francisco Book Review    

15th annual National Indie Award Finalist for Best Short Story Collection

Eleven surprising sci fi short stories flavored like the lovechild of Ted Chiang and Robert Heinlein. 


A science fiction anthology that attempts to answer the great questions of humanity:

What are we?

What do we want?

How will it all come crashing down around us?

A naked man-droid that asks too many questions...

An alien theme park unfortunately filled with humans...

A wheelchair-ridden Viking ripped of his hopes for an afterlife...

A city of people competing for points in a holographic paradise...

A space pirate who concedes his will to the Devil himself...

A CEO who would destroy herself to keep her position on the moon...

An old man must escape robot zombies and his own guilt...

Historic dictators trapped in a future game show

A team sent to rescue nuns discover ice has a voice on Enceladus....

A confined man, back from the dead, transitions into something no cell can contain...

These stories will both shock and entertain you, while forcing you to examine the harsh truths of the human endeavor.


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what readers are saying . . .

The best collection of short stories I've come across! Each one a perfect length, completing the tale without it being rushed. Artificial intelligence taking over (I hope not realised in my lifetime!); physical enhancement (this I could deal with 😉) and space monsters - who could ask for a better mix?
A great compilation, I highly recommend!

- Goodreads Review

A fun read for being stuck at home this winter without much to do. Nice cover for the bookshelf. I like scfi and like to laugh the short stories in this book have a good mix of seriousness and lighthearted fun.

- Amazon Customer 

This is a collection that explores both the psychology of humanity and what it could mean to be human in the future.

As humanity is - humanity does, and sometimes pays the ultimate price for it.

Well worth the read!

- Goodreads Review 

Two stories stood out for me...the short but clever and amusing "The Park" by Edmond B Belisle and "Todd" by Turi T Armstrong. "Todd" is set in a very broken future where humans are barely surviving and every day is filled with terror and the constant threat of a horrible death. There is both great sadness and great hope expressed in writing which is gritty, strong, beautiful and gentle by turns without ever being jagged or clunky. Todd shows in a wholly understated way that hope is always possible. That everyone has the ability to do the "right thing." Never self conscious or maudlin, this story is an absolute gem.

- Amazon Customer 

There is a nice selection of stories here for fans of the sci-fi genre which will help readers escape reality for a bit and make you think about the future and the possibilites.

-  Amazon Customer 

Some of the stories inside this book kept me on my toes when reading them, they were really absorbing and well written! I would recommend them to my friends.

- Goodreads Review