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March Art Showcase: Sandeep Karunakaran

Alright. It is March, and we are back with another art feature. This month is all about Horror, so for this installment, I want to introduce you to Sans (or Sandeep Karunakaran if your all formal like that). He has had is artwork featured on the covers of Clarkesworld Magazine and The Dark Magazine, numerous books, death metal albums and more.

We are doing things a little different today, perhaps out of laziness? Naw, efficiency! And I am going to link an interview with Sans from issuu.com, Digital Art Live # 27.

I originally wanted to cover the highlights of that interview but decided that the original does a much better job than I ever could, and I'd need to quote quite a bit of it for you to understand context. Instead, I want to showcase the art as is, without the distraction of words.

And let's face it, art like this speaks for itself!

But please, take a look at the interview. It has a ton of great information for digital artists looking to appreciate and learn from others.


Interview: https://issuu.com/tosk/docs/digital_art_live_issue_27

The Art of Sans


Whisper from the Woods


Alien God

In the Hands of Clowning Fate



Holy Knitter

A Visit from Knecht Ruprecht

From Below

Angels of Light

The Mother Shepard

Horror of Evil

The Wanderers

The Summoning

Find more of Sans at these places...

Blog: https://sanskarans.blogspot.com/

ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/sanskarans/profile

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/sanskarans

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sanskarans/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sanskarans

Instagram: SanskaranART

For licensing some of his existing works, please email: sansentertainmentart@gmail.com

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