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by Nick Nikolov

Lucy Castle is not afraid to take risks as long as the pay is good. But when she is accepts a lucrative offer from a tall stranger in a plague doctor's mask, she starts to question her life choices. 

The sky is falling and they have three days to save the world from an alien made bio-weapon turning children into mutated killing machines. A girl that has never wanted help from anyone now has the fate of the world in her hands. 

WORLDENDER is a witty, action-packed adventure reminiscent of the alien invader sci-fi classics like The Blob and Critters, blended with the buddy-cop films of the 1980’s.

Available in ebook and paperback

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Queen of the Skour: Book 2 of the Bloodstone Dagger

by K.E. Barron


Zephira, Princess of Del’Cabria, was handed over to the Overlord of Herran in return for peace. Now he’s gone, and she’s unaccounted for.


Jeth has gotten away with murder. But when Del’Cabrian soldiers threaten his people, he gives up his freedom for their lives. He is sure to get the noose, but as the only one who knew the Overlord’s plans, he might be too valuable to hang.


Vidya is hungry for revenge and ready to see her plan through. Step one: Punish the sirens who betrayed her. Step two: Destroy the one man who deserves the Harpy’s wrath above all others. Her husband.


The missing princess will bring their paths together. One will risk all to find her, the other will stop at nothing to capture her. Neither are prepared to face the Immortal Serpent’s final secret.


Human Beings

by Rachael Llewellyn

". . . masterfully written . . . thirteen thrillingly horrifying stories that will either give you the creeps or make you wonder how fragile humans are."

                                                                                           — Manhattan Book Review


In this collection of thrilling short stories, Rachael Llewellyn adeptly traverses the outer edges of human experience and the horror that often comes with it.


Twisting between the disturbing, the humorous, and the heartbreaking, Human Beings will forever change the way you look at your neighbour, how you treat your coworker, and even make you second guess the person lying next to you in bed.


Because real monsters aren't what you see on late-night television . . . the real monsters live just around the corner. 

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The Beginning & End of All Thing: Stories of Man

An FFF Short Story Collection


Surprising short sci-fi stories from contributors, Alex Ganon, Edmond B. Belisle, Matthew Stuart Evans, C.R. MacFarlane, Adan Geesi, K.E. Barron, Turi T. Armstrong, J.P. Withers, Nick Nikolov, and George Sandifer-Smith. The Beginning & End of All Things presents eleven science fiction tales that attempt to answer the great questions of humanity . . .

What are we? What do we want? What have we done? How will it all come crashing down around us?

From a naked-man-droid that asks too many questions to a space-pirate who concedes his will to the Devil himself, this anthology of short stories will shock and entertain you, while forcing you to examine the harsh truths of the human endeavor.

Available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback

The Immortal Serpent: Book 1 of the Bloodstone Dagger

by K.E. Barron


From the award winning author of the Eye of Verishten.


Jeth, cursed at birth, is forced to leave his homeland and find a place for himself in a world descending into war. Overnight, he goes from fervent soldier to desert thief who now must lie, cheat, and steal to survive in a hostile, foreign land alongside an enigmatic and sultry companion.


Across the ocean, Vidya undergoes a harrowing transformation into a winged weapon that will avenge her mother and save her island nation.


Their fates are entwined by the infamous Overlord of Herran. One is running from him, the other is hunting him. Neither can escape the Immortal Serpent.

Available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback!

The Eye of Verishten

by K.E. Barron


Winner of the 2018 IPPY silver medal for Best SciFi/Fantasy/Horror E-Book. 

For thousands of years, Golem Mages ruled the volcanic mountain ranges of Ingleheim, but when Herrscher Heinrich declared himself Führer, he took measures to ensure he would be the last with the power to bend golems to his will.

Twenty years later, his regime uncovers the resting place of an Alpha Golem with the power to burn the life force out of anyone caught in its destructive gaze. Katja, a passionate Golem Expert, is tasked to help bring the Alpha under the Führer’s control. She is determined to keep it out of his murderous hands and has no choice but to team up with a nameless and faceless soldier, trained in the efficiently ruthless discipline of Steinkamp. A word synonymous with death.

The pair challenge immense power, but their most trying task is learning how to trust in a world where everyone is afraid of you—or wants to kill you.

Available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback